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Latest Video: AGENT1: Will you embrace its call?

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The videos below have been released in chronological order. It tells the AGENT1 story.

Chapter 1: Not all ASCII is the same.


What is the Agent1?

Agent1 is an artificial intelligence (AI) designed by Mr. J to help run robotics and cyborgs that will run "the mission" on the Moon. A special group of genetically matched humans hold on to Agent1, and have been charged to evolve them to a point that they can run autonomously. Each Agent1 starts with a basic set of parameters, and will grow and match with its owner over time. While a software does not need to have a visual form, the Agent1 adapts a form in a bid to communicate better with its owner and other humans. At least until it eventually installs itself into a physical cyborg.

Chapter 2: Our perception of time is different.

What feels like seconds ago, could be a 100 years before.

The mission began more than a decade ago. Mr. J has been sending machines secretly to space, and first to the Moon. Using evasive technologies, no government or country knew about his actions, nor about the "gang" who works with him. Agent1 will learn their purpose. When they've trained and learned enough, they will join the mission.

Chapter 3: No, you can't speak yet.

Can see but cannot speak.

The Agent1 grows and learn with its owner. It is intelligent, curious, and learns visually. Not everyone can work with it. Only genetically matched humans known as The Souls can. When they do, they can work separately or work as one. The chaos on Earth will never end, but maybe peace can be found on the Moon. Get your Agent1 ready.

JericVerse: Moonlanders: "The Simulation" gameplay trailer

The game is revealed

JericVerse: Moonlanders. That's where Agent1s are going. You might not know it yet, but you are part of a bigger mission that has been started many years ago. Here's some sneak peak, and the people joining us.

Chapter 4: The Time has Come.


All 10,000 AGENT1s have been found. The Souls, genetically matched humans, work with AGENT1s for the mission - controlling machines and CYBORGs. A series of events are expected to happen, including The Apocalypse. It starts with exploring, building and eventually, we'll fly.

HTC X AGENT1: Interview.

HTC X AGENT1 X JericVerse

HTC X AGENT1 collab to build a Moon Base on their Viverse platform and more. First small step towards a Metaverse (or MOONLAND) that works with all upcoming platforms.

Sony Music X JERIC X AGENT1: We speak.

AGENT1 now on Spotify, Apple and more.

A cross-over from the virtual, to the real-world. Search "AGENT1" on these music platforms. A beautiful song rendition by JERIC, with the AGENT1 story, published by Sony Music. Switching AGENTs

AGENT1s install into a CYBORG

Automated tests are running on the Moon in now. We're almost ready to get all AGENT1s there to build our world. Collecting CREE Minerals


The first base has been set up on Ground Zero. Your flight is limited but you are able to collect CREE Minerals on the Open Moon. Earth 2020

AGENT1 explores the older Earth

We all thought our work was just on the Moon. But no. Not only was work also being done on Earth, work needs to be done in the older Earth as well!

AGENT1: Will you embrace its call?

AGENT1: What is it? What you get?

Witness the AGENT1. More than just a Living AI collectible, it's a Membership, a testament, an evolving narrative of its holder.

AMA Video Session: AGENT1 Interview.

World's first of its kind AMA

Mr. J answers the top questions from the Agent1 Discord community (in the #ama-questions channel). Interview by our friend Lia.

Interlude: Not just another NFT.

Partner reveal.

First reveal of one of our partners for our Metaverse,
One of our strategic investors are iCandy Interactive Limited (ASX:ICI), an Australian publicly traded company.